Tutition and Living Cost

Tuition Fees

Each university sets its own tuition fees, so they will vary depending on what you want to study, and where you want to study it. As a rough guide, the least expensive courses are lecture-based (rather than laboratory or studio-based) such as a Bachelor or Master of Arts. The most expensive are specialist and professional degrees such as medicine, dentistry and veterinary science.

When you ask Study Options to send you a list of the courses available in a subject area, please check the fee information carefully – each course will have annual tuition costs clearly indicated. If anything is unclear or you have any questions, please speak to AEES Global.

Unless you are a citizen or permanent resident of Australia or New Zealand, you will be classed as an international student. This means you will pay international tuition fee rates for your chosen course. If you are looking at fee information on university websites please note they also list tuition fee rates for domestic students (Australian/New Zealand citizens). If you are at all unclear about which fee rates apply to you, please double check with one of our student advisors.

In the tables below you will find some general guidelines on what to expect. Please note that all figures quoted here are approximate, per year and cover tuition fees only. Guideline: Course fees in Australia (per year of study)
Course Level Arts (inc. history, languages, politics, international relations) Business (inc. management, marketing, finance) Science and Engineering (inc. Engineering, IT, psychology, physics)
Undergraduate A$22,000 – A$35,000 A$26,000 – A$40,000 A$26,000 – A$40,000
Postgraduate A$22,000 – A$35,000 A$26,000 – A$40,000 A$26,000 – A$40,000

Accommodation costs

On-campus accommodation is the cheapest housing option for students, starting at around 440 AUD per month. If you’d like to rent a place, a one-bedroom apartment will cost anywhere from 1,300 AUD (outside the city centre) to 1,750 AUD (in the city centre).

Food costs

Supermarkets in Australia don’t have expensive prices; your monthly groceries can typically cost around 300–600 AUD. If you want to dine out, you should expect to pay around 18 AUD for a meal at a mid-range restaurant. Overall, living costs start at a minimum of 1,200 AUD per month in smaller cities and at around 1,500 AUD per month in bigger cities.

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