Australia is very popular place to study sport at university. You can put this down partially to the choice and range of sport courses on offer, and partly to their exceptional reputation globally, but we think it’s also due to the level to which sport and exercise permeate everyday life in Australia.

Australia is well-known for their outdoor lifestyles. And as often as not, that lifestyle is naturally linked to sport and exercise. So whether you like team sports – football, cricket, field hockey, netball, rugby, touch rugby, basketball – to name but a few, or you favor to test yourself as an individual by surfing, snowboarding, mountain or road biking, running, swimming, or climbing, there will be a means for you to get involved, at whatever level fits.

For some that might mean playing or competing at elite level, for others, as a purely social activity. Sport clubs and teams are not just based on the university campuses, dependent on what you want to do – and what level you want to do it at – the most right club for you might be organized at a city, regional or state level. University sports services are usually of a very high standard, and provide students plenty of opportunities to get involved.

For those who want to make a career in sport, there are many courses to choose from.

There are courses that focus on the motivation and psychology aspect as well as on the technical and practical – programs in sports coaching, management, outdoor recreation and leadership. Others focus more on the human body and managing its health – degrees in health and physical education, physical activity and nutrition, and rehabilitation. Some degrees are applied science programs, offering specializations in subjects including anatomy, biochemistry, exercise physiology, learning and control of human movement and applying those fundamental values to sport.

There are also many degrees for those who wish to work toward a profession in business in sport. Different study options include sport business management, sports governance, sport facility and event management, sport and media, elite athlete management and marketing and sponsorship.

All of the above areas are available to study at undergraduate and postgraduate (taught Masters) level and there are wide opportunities for research students.


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