Social Sciences is the discipline that emphases on topics linked to human behavior in relation to society and culture at large. These are some of the features Social Sciences pact with: human relationships, communication, ethics, trade, and many others.

With courses like Economics, Cultural Studies, Communication Sciences, Psychology, and Gender & Sexuality Studies, Social Sciences is a field merging theory and research. Social Sciences always aim for old thoughts and notions to be adapted to modern settings and with contemporary applications.

Courses in Social Sciences are right for people who want to know why humans act the way they do and how human society can be improved. Students learn how to involve with different subjects, some of them very complicated in nature. You’ll learn to think critically and see where you can contribute to make your society a better place.

You’ll also have the gratification (and often the challenge) of trying to understand humans, both as individuals and as a species. Looking at how far the recent world has come, no human should miss basic needs, such as food, accommodation, clothing and same access to education, healthcare and work. Social Sciences try to recognize, understand and resolve some of the problems that are still very real in the 21st century. What are we missing? Social Sciences might be the right platform through which you can express yourself and actually make a positive change in the globe.



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