Spouse visa Services

There are various kinds of spouse visa for the Australian citizen, Australian permanent resident to visit and stay in Australia. the total process is based on living area, time of application, and different kinds of subclass offers.

subclass 820 subclass 801 subclass 309 subclass 100

Temporary spouse visa (subclass 820)

This visa is for the type of applicant who is living in Australia, it provides temporary stay but in time it can be permanent

Permanent spouse visa (subclass 801)

In order to apply to this kind of visa the applicant must have to hold a visa of a subclass of 820 and then the applicant can apply, its also a temporary visa leading to a permanent visa

Provisional spouse visa (subclass 309)

In this type of visa the applicant must be outside of Australia, it starts with a temporary based but leading to a permanent visa

Migrant spouse visa (subclass 100)

In order to get that visa, the applicant has to hold a provisional spouse visa of subclass 309 to proceed forward



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