Australian universities offer an exceptional variety of flexible ways in which to study Psychology at undergraduate and postgraduate level.

At undergraduate level Psychology is offered either as a major within a Bachelor of Arts or Bachelor of Science degree, or as a specialist degree such as a Bachelor of Psychology or Bachelor of Psychological Science.

Students who are interested in pursuing Psychology as a professional clinical career or who would like to study the subject at postgraduate level would usually take a professional degree, such as the Bachelor of Psychology. These degrees are usually four years in length.

Studying Psychology as a major within a Bachelor of Arts or a Bachelor of Science is a good selection if you are generally interested in the field of Psychology, but don’t necessarily want to become a professional practicing psychologist. A BA or a BSc in Psychology allows students to study other subjects together with Psychology and would be three years in duration.

Clinical Psychology – what you need to know for professional accreditation

Any student who wishes to study a postgraduate coursework Psychology course in Australia (with the view of qualifying as a practicing psychologist after completion) must get their bachelor degree in psychology officially evaluated by the Australian Psychological Society (APS) to make sure that it is comparable to an Australian psychology degree. Please note that this evaluation must be finished before you can lodge an application for a professional Masters in Psychology qualification in Australia. The APS evaluation can take up to three months, so it is very important to bear this in mind when looking at application deadlines. Professional postgraduate psychology courses often have earlier deadlines than other masters courses so please check these carefully with AEES Global before you start your applications. Professional masters programs in Psychology are two years.

The APS evaluation is only compulsory if you are seeking admission to a postgraduate clinical course that will possibly allow you to register with the APS. It is not essential if you wish to study psychology in a non-clinical setting (for example, if you want to undertake a research programme in Psychology).

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