Engineering & Technology is a wide set of subjects that deal with all linked to the design, manufacture, and maintenance of infrastructure, devices, tools, and information systems used by society on a daily base.

These are some of the subfields involved in Engineering & Technology: Aerospace Engineering, Civil Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Chemical Engineering, and Computer Programming.

When you pursue a Master’s or a Bachelor’s degree in Engineering & Technology, you’re taken into the cutting-edge world of advanced development. You’ll get the knowledge and expertise you need to figure the future of technology, industrial design, and applied sciences. Engineers require plenty of inventiveness and serious thinking skills. They are the ones who take the latest scientific inventions and turn them into cutting-edge technology, using the language of exact sciences like Mathematics, Physics and Chemistry.

Engineering schools in Australia offer 4-year bachelor’s degree, 2-year master’s degree, and 4-year doctorate degree. Some of the popular engineering disciplines among international students are civil, mechanical, electrical, etc. According to the QS Ranking of 2020, the top universities in Australia for engineering are the University of Melbourne, the University of Queensland, UNSW, and Australian National University. The universities are recognized based on employer reputation, academic reputation, research citations per paper, and more among the best engineering schools to pursue higher education in Australia. 

  • Engineering education at both bachelor’s and master’s levels from Australia can bring in high returns.
  • Accomplishment of BTech or BEng degree from Australia can earn you jobs [paying around 40,000 AUD (annual average).
  • Likewise, post completion of a master’s degree in engineering from Australia you can earn around 65,000 AUD (annual average).
  • These may vary from business to business and sector to sector. While pursuing education from engineering schools in Australia you can choose from a plenty of course concentrations.
  • However, all the sectors are witnessing a rise in demand, mentioned below is a report of Australian Engineering Vacancies signifying sectors in need of maximum human resource.

According to the Australian Engineering Vacancies Report of 2019, 2.4% of the total advertised jobs in Australia were for engineers. The maximum number of vacancies was for Civil Engineers with almost 1,955 jobs per month. 

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