You can study Education and Teaching at undergraduate (bachelors degree) and postgraduate (masters) level in Australia.

At undergraduate level Australian universities offer Bachelor of Education degrees, which are generally four years in duration. Students can select to specialize in Early Childhood Education, Primary or Secondary Teaching.

These are professional degrees – students who complete them successfully will be qualified to seek provisional registration as teachers in the country in which they have skilled. Please have a look information below about moving an Australian teaching qualification back to work in your home country.

By doing a professional teaching degree in Australia you will gain knowledge on how to foster a child’s learning in diverse ways; to work with them to grow their artistic, intellectual, physical, personal and social potential. Practical knowledge is a key part of the learning process, and placements in schools are accepted throughout.

Australian universities also offer postgraduate qualifications, including the Master of Education, for qualified teachers who wish to pursue professional development programs. These provide students the chance to develop and increase their knowledge in a specific area, for example in educational management, special education or educational leadership.

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