About us

Welcome to AEES ———————

AUS Education Executive Search (AEES) is a Global Agency for Education, Migration and Internship. Has earned a solid reputation as a premier international student recruitment and migration agency. Our Head Office is located in Melbourne Australia with branches spanning the globe representing over 100 Education Providers around the world. Bridge Blue has an expert team of academic consultants and admissions staff, fluent in over 5 different languages and highly experienced within the education and migration industries having successfully assisted students and clients from over 7 nationalities.

Our management teams are professionally qualified within their respective fields and have been instrumental in forming the basis for many vital affiliations, partnerships and strategic alliances. This has been significant in our global expansion and ongoing success at an international level.

Our Company’s Objectives

  • Assisting clients with visa applications and transition to studying in their country of choice.
  • Actively promoting international alliances through our multiple professional business.
  • Provide utmost personal services with honesty and integrity.
  • Provide advice regarding the lifestyle and cost of living abroad.
  • Maintain regular contact with clients, providing assistance should they have any problems or general queries whilst they are abroad.
  • Maintain constant professionalism in our work.
  • Adhere to rules and regulations set out in the contracts of our education providers and partners.
  • Promote education, internship and migration through our global network of office.

AEES provides advice about courses, study programs, schools, colleges and universities. We will help you choose the best course, program and institution that meet your needs. Contact us if you wish to know more about AEES and our services.

Your Study Options:

  • High school
  • University (undergraduate or postgraduate)
  • Specialist or private college
  • TAFE
  • Study abroad program (one semester or one year)
  • Any other study program

Things to Consider Before Proceeding

  • Which level of qualification do you wish to obtain
  • Which country, state or city you would like to study in
  • Which field or area that interests you?
  • Your career goals
  • Your level of English (if English is not your first language)
  • What is your budget?
  • How long you would like to study in the chosen country?

Our advice and information is objective and unbiased, we want students and clients to have as much information as possible so that the best-informed decision. We will counsel and advise to help you make your decision. We will then help you apply and assist you through the entire application process.